Crystal Healing Workshops

*ALL workshops are only offered privately and and semi-private at this time. Please contact to arrange your workshop.

Module 1: Intro to Crystals and Gemstones – Since ancient times, cultures all over the world have worked with crystals for spiritual, physical and emotional healing. Crystals and minerals are placed on energy points on and around the body to release negative energy, release emotional tension and bring the body back into alignment allowing the person to heal. This fun workshop will take you into the world of crystal healing where you will learn about the 7 chakras and the crystals that help to balance them.

Module 2 – Crystals for Protection – In this class we will dig deeply into the many ways that crystals can help us to stay grounded and protect us from negative energy. We’ll also learn shielding, psychic protection techniques and tools to raise our vibration. We will discuss general protection techniques as well as protection for travel, EMFs, during astral travel and more. Learn how to clear your space, grid your homes and create a crystal medicine bag.

Module 3: Practical Ways to Work with Crystals – There are many ways to work with crystals besides placing them on our bodies! Learn how to create a basic crystal grid, gem water and chakra anointing oils. We will also cover how to safely work with toxic gemstones for healing purposes. We’ll learn how to raise our vibration with essential oils, sacred geometry. We will also explore ways to work with crystal to manifest love and attract abundance into our lives.

Module 4: Crystal Divination – Divination is the practice of seeking knowledge of the unknown; the art or gift of prophecy. Learn how to read a crystal ball, a stone reading and how to work with a pendulum. Each student needs to bring a palm stone (or rock) with them. Every student will give a reading a receive a reading. Everyone is psychic, learn how you can tap into universal wisdom to receive messages from Spirit through the crystal kingdom.

Module 5: Crystal Healing: The laying on of stones (Chakra Balancing) – Do you want to know how to clear & balance your chakras? Would you like to learn which tools and technique you can use to achieve your spiritual, physical & emotional goals? Learn how to conduct a basic crystal healing layout on yourself our others. We will also learn how to balance the chakras using crystals while incorporating the use of a pendulum or a crystal wand for sensing energy and imbalances. We learn how to detect energetic imbalances and how to allow the chi to flow freely through the body through the use of crystals. You’ll learn invaluable techniques coupled with hands-on practical exercises for healing & self-discovery.

Module 6: Crystal Therapist Tools – Learn which tools are most used in a crystal therapy session and how to use them. We will explore the many tools that professional crystal healers work with in their practice. We’ll learn how to utilize these tools in a session and most importantly when to use them. We’ll also explore how aromatherapy (essential oils) and sound healing work with crystal healing this course is designed for anyone looking to add crystal therapy to their healing or wellness practice.