On Becoming a Medicine Woman

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As a healer, I envision empowering thousands and thousands of women to become their own healers. I often think about civilizations of long ago where women were, and still are the caretakers, the cooks, the medicine women, the mothers, sisters…they are women of many roles. These women took the lead in nurturing the sick, making nourishing meals from scratch, cleaning the home, raising children…all while nurturing and loving their divine feminine energy.

This weekend I attended a conference and being around like-minded, medicine women I began to think about how all of these medicine women are bringing healing into their homes. They are indeed modern medicine women, stepping into their own power. These women are being accountable for their health and wellness and not just physical health but mental and emotional health as well. It was such an inspiring experience to be surrounded by confident women who want to change the face of healthcare.

This conference made me want to give back more, to impact more people. This is why I offer a Free Crystal Healing course so that others can learn to mange stress and work with spiritual development tools. Just by purchasing essential oils you get the course free but I’ve now also placed very powerful aromatic compounds in your hand, a life changing tool at your disposal. All because I want more women, women of color and people all over the world to have these tools in their hands to improve the quality of their lives.

Toxins in personal care products
If you could improve your health, why wouldn’t you?

Through all of the webinars, tools provided, crystals, essential oils I am helping others to become their own medicine women. If you could learn valuable information that may change the future of your health would you? Well, here is your opportunity to drastically improve your life and the lives of your parents, children and friends. Take the leap.

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