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I have a crystal…now what!

crystal healing

Crystals are so hot right now! Everyone is selling them, from your yoga teacher to your local bodega. Crystals are literally everywhere.

But do you know how to work with crystals?!?

These beautiful, shiny, glimmery jewels tempt us with promises of healing, love, prosperity…literally everything under the sun can be influenced by the magical energy of a crystal..or can it? And HOW does it work?

I won’t go into the science of crystal healing because that is for other teachers. For me crystal healing IS in itself a deeply magical, spiritual experience that cannot be explained by how much calcium or iron a crystal contains. Sorry, it just cannot.

Crystal Healing cannot be confined to crystal prescriptions, crystal combinations or step by step directions to achieve enlightenment. Cyrystal Healing is a personal journey BUT I can give you some tips that will help you along the way.

  1. Start working with just one crystal – Get to know the energy of each crystal before working with a group of crystals. If the stone is new to you then take the time to get to know it. Think of a crystal as your ally, your friend. Sure you can get to know people in group situations but one on one time allows for a deeper connection, it give you the time to bond with your crystal friend. I know it’s tempting to work with them all, they’re all so pretty! BUT healing takes time.

2. Cleanse your crystal. If you’ve never worked with your stone cleanse it. It’s not that the crystal is necessarily “dirty” or has negative energy. This is a process of connection. You are clearing away energies that are not yours for new intentions to be set. Sage works well. I also like to work with Sacred Breath – a process where one sets the intention of cleansing the crystal and blows two short burts of breath out through the nasal cavity.

3. Spend time with your new ally. When you begin to work with a stone, get to know it. Look at it, notice the colors, the texture, the smell – notice everything about your crystal. Close your eyes and allow your new friend to roll around in your palm, see it in your minds eye. Allow the stone to warm in your hand.

4. Set your intention. Once you feel the connection with you stone and it has warmed in your hand ask the stone if it would like to work with you. If you feel inuitively that this is the right stone then set your intention..

Once you’ve spent time getting to know your stone you will be much more energetically aligned when you set your intention. You are vibrationally aligned to receive the out come that you desire. Be specific with what you want, hold the image of your desire outcome in your hand and meditate with you crystal. Be patient, be consistent, be open. This is the beginning of your journey.

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