Crystal Healing: Vanadinite

//Vanadinite// This crystal grounds one to their earth star chakra and then activates the root, sacral and solar plexus chakras assisting one to push through huge tasks. It’s know to help in giving one the endurance to “get it done”. It enhances stamina and vitality while allowing you to remain clear headed and grounded. Vanadinite infuses the Aura with creative energy and is therefore a great stone for artists, especially writers. It also stimulates sexual energies, the energies of arousal and desire. If you’re in need of inspiration, creativity, determination and desire then this is your stone.

Some crystal healers find that Vanadinite promotes thrift, so if you if have trouble saving then this might be a good stone for you to work with.

According to Robert Simmons: “When one has a load of work to do, and there is no way to put it aside, one is advised to acquire some Vanadinite.”

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