Crystal Healing: Crystals to Bust Through Poverty Consciousness

Pyrite metaphysical and green tourmaline

Poverty Consciousness – Let’s talk about it! 💰

If you’re struggling with manifestation, working with abundance stones ( citrine, green aventurine, epidote, ruby, imperial topaz etc.) may not help to shift your energy and bring you into alignment if you have a poverty mindset.

If you say things like:

💎That’s too expensive

💎I can’t afford that

💎Money is the root of all evil

💎Money doesn’t grow on trees

💎Wealthy people waste money

…You are operating from a place of lack.


If you have not:

✔️Advanced or improved your economic/financial situation in years

✔️You’re unemployed

✔️You’re on government assistance

✔️You lack goals or only have small goals …You’re operating within the energy of poverty consciousness.


BUT the wonderful news is that you can change that! You can get out of your own way! You are the only person who can change your life! Don’t expect anyone to save you. The change comes from within. 💯 . Make a conscious effort to improve the quality of your life and it starts by doing something different.

Two stones that I recommend to help shift you energy away from poverty consciousness are:

Pyrite – helps us to shift this mindset to a mindset of “there’s more than enough for everybody”. Pyrite helps to shift our poverty consciousess thinking to the energy of abundance. Pyrite also helps us to feel protected, energized and able to manifest our deepest desires.

Green Tourmaline – helps to heal ancestral trauma & attracts luck & success. It’s also a powerful heart healer; allowing us to receive more of what we enjoy out of life.

Work with these stones (especially) pyrite daily. Affirmation: I am open to receive all the gifts and abundance from the universe!

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