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Crystal Healing: Clear Quartz

Healing properties of quartz CrystalHappy New Year, Crystal Lovers! I thought I share a bit of crystal love with you on the first day of 2014. Let’s talk about clear quartz crystals!

Clear Quartz is a stone that every crystal healer works with at one time or another. Quartz Crystal is known as the master healer because of its versatility – it can work on any chakra and for any purpose. Clear Quartz can amplify energy and intentions and it can also be programmed. Quartz crystal is even used in modern technology like quartz watches and computers.

So if you’re ever in doubt of which chakra to buy a crystal for then clear quartz is always a good option. Personally I love to work with this energy powerhouse in every healing session that I do. It works wonderfully to support smaller stones to help them amplify their energy. Quartz is also one of the most abundant crystals on the planet and is widely available at almost any metaphysical shop that sells crystals.

When working with clear quartz it can help you to find out a “Crystal clear” answer to what you are inquiring about. Some of its healing properties include:

  • Accelerated healing
  • Enhancing psychic abilities
  • Amplification of energy
  • Spiritual growth
  • Chakra opening and balancing
  • Communication with spirit guides

Clear quartz can be found in geodes, clusters, small and large points of all sizes. I have a personal piece that is a channeling quartz and it’s absolutely one of my favorite crystals. Here she is:

channel quartz crystal

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Have you worked with clear quartz?

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