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Crystal Healing: Cinnabar

Crystal Healing with Cinnabar

When many people think of money stones they often turn to Citrine and Green Aventurine. But the lovely Cinnabar is also a Merchant Stone. Cinnabar can help us to attract abundance in our lives. When placing Cinnabar in your place of business where you keep your money it can increase your income and help to acquire wealth.

This lovely Scarlet stone is also known as a stone of alchemical transformation, helping us to fulfill our divine purpose on earth. On a spiritual level this stone helps us to get in sync with our higher self and our purpose here on earth. Cinnabar helps remove blockages in the Root and Sacral Chakras and stimulated the Third Eye Chakra keeping one grounded yet able to see potential in the future.

On a physical level this mighty stone is useful for blood purification and overcoming infections. It is also known to assist with fertility and weight issues. For crystal healing purposes this stone is best worked with in a tumbled form and applied to the chakra that correlates with the issue that one is interested in working on.

Caution: Contains mercury which can be poisonous. Be sure to wash your hands after handling this stone.



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