Certified Crystal Healer

Become a confident energy healer for yourself or for others!

Your Crystal Course Includes:

  • One 60-90 minute class each week for 8 weeks (streamed live on Zoom and archived for viewing at a later date). 
  • A free monthly live Q&A with me
  • Class resources in PDF format
  • Workbooks for each module to help you integrate your knowledge
  • Access to my private Facebook group for ongoing support and guidance

Intro to Crystal Healing

Since ancient times, cultures all over the world have worked with crystals, plants, the moon and sun for spiritual, physical and emotional healing. Crystals and minerals are placed on energy points on and around the body to release negative energy, release emotional tension and bring the body back into alignment allowing the person to heal. We will explore how to clear, retune and program crystals 

Gem Water + Tinctures

Learn the practical ways of infusing everyday items with crystal energy. We will explore making gem waters (safely), herbal tinctures. Learn which stones are best for gem water and learn how to preserve your creations safely.

Chakra Balancing

Chakras affect our subtle bodies (physical, etheric, astral, emotional, mental and causal). Learn how essential oils and crystal can help to balance these subtle bodies, our chakras and auras.  We will also learn how to balance the chakras using  a pendulum and a crystal wand. Learn how to sense the body for energy and imbalances.

Crystal Healing: Advanced Layouts

 Learn which tools are most used for heart healing, grounding, attracting abundance and more! We will explore the many tools that professional crystal healers work with in their practice. We’ll learn how to utilize these tools in a session and most importantly when to use them. We’ll also explore how to integrate aromatherapy (essential oils) and sound healing.

Psychic Development w/Crystals

Everyone is psychic, learn how you can tap into universal wisdom to receive messages from Spirit through the crystal kingdom. Certain crystals can help to develop of psychic skills. Learn which crystals can best help to open your crown chakra (spiritual knowledge) and third eye (psychic sight)!t.

Crystal Grids 101

here are many ways to work with crystals besides placing them on our bodies! Learn how to create a basic crystal grid and explore how sacred geometry. Learn which crystals to use in crystal grids and why. At the end of this module you will learn to create basic and advanced crystals grids


What Is A  Certified Crystal Healer?

Becoming certified means that you understand how to work with crystals and how to utilize them to offer energy healing sessions to others.

Where is the class located?

The class will be live on Zoom so you can attend from anywhere is the world! All classes are recorded so that you can watch at a later date.

What Tools do I need?

You should have a pendulum, 7 crystals, sage, palo santo, selenite, a notebook and something to write with. I offer a pre-made kit in my Esty shop.

How Much Is the Course?

The early bird price is $999 until September 21st. After September 21st the class will be $1099.

I’m a beginner, is this class for me?

Yes, this class is for ALL levels.

How Long Are The Classes?

Each class is 60-90 minutes 

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