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3 Ways to Charge Your Crystals

How to charge your crystalsAlmost everyone knows that crystals need to be cleansed on occasion. BUT did you know that sometimes crystals need to be charged?

Think of crystals as a battery, pulsing with energy, bringing us into alignment through the process of entrainment. Well, just like a battery, crystalline energy can become dense and the crystal can become drained. Or at least feel like it!

So in addition to cleansing our crystals we want to charge them (otherwise known as bringing the crystal back to it DOR – Dominant Ocillary Rate). If you’ve been working with a crystal and notice that they energy feels different or you’re not receiving the same energetic benefits that you used to then your crystal MAY need to be charged. Charging a crystals the crystal’s ability to channel, focus and increase energy is restored.

  1. Full Moon Bath – The lunar energy clears crystals and recalibrates the crystals. Ancient civilizations knew and understood the power of grandmother moon. And now you can work with this same sacred energy! Simply place your crystals outdoors on the night of the full moon (as well as the night before and after). Leave your crystals in view of the moon overnight and pick them up in the morning. Be mindful if it’s raining, some crystals, like selenite do not do well in wet conditions.
  2. Solar Clearing – The energy of the sun revitalizes the energy of the crystals. However some crystals like amethyst, smokey quartz and citrine may fade in the sunlight. SO if this is your chosen method, leave the crystals out in the sun for 15-30 minutes. The summer solstice is an ideal time for charging your crystals with the energy of abundance and wealth. The spring equinox is a good time to charge your crystals for growth in all areas of your life.
  3. Sound Healing – Sound is a powerful healer and this method works safely for all stones. Crystals can be cleared with the use of a tuning fork, crystal singing bowl, tibetan singing bowl or even your voice! Place your stone near your instrument of choice and allow the sound waves to flow over your stone, gently clearing and charging it.

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