3 Tips for Deep Heart Healing

3 Tips for Deep Heart Healing

Happy Valentine’s Day lovers!

Many people ask me to how to heal your heart chakra. And this topic often come up around Valentines day. Some people love this day and others not so much. But for some their disdain for this holiday comes from a place of hurt, a place that needs healing. We all have some healing to do and things to release and move on from, that’s why we’re here on this earth. We’re here to show love and to evolve to a place of self-love and selfless love. Here’s how you can jump start your love journey, learn how to heal your heart chakra and raise your vibration to a place of positivity, growth and healing.

1. Affirmations – these are wonderful tools to re-program your mind to the high frequency of love. One of my favorite affirmation for self-love is to look myself in the eye and say “Nicole, I love you fully, completely just the way you are – you are enough”. Looking yourself in the eyes is a deep soul touching experience. You are speaking to your higher self and reaching into the depths of your soul affirming just how much you love yourself.

2. Writing – is a transfer of energy. By writing it helps to lift your energy and elevate your spirits. I often write letter of forgiveness to myself to let go of emotions and hurts that I’ve held on to. It’s a very empowering experience and most of all very healing. I also love to write affirmations on post-it notes and I re-read them throughout the day to boost my mood and to remind myself how loved and how precious I am.

Crytals Tips for Deep Heart Healing3. Crystals – of course, I had to throw in crystals! Crystals are beautiful energetic tools here to assist us on our journey in life. There are many heart chakra crystals but I have a few that have really helped me on my healing journey. One of my favorites is of course, Rose Quartz, to me it’s the ultimate love crystal. Rose Quartz is a stone of unconditional love that attracts peace and harmony in your life. Another favorite stone is Kunzite which is fantastic for healing heartaches. Last but not least Rhodocrosite is fantastic to help heal repressed emotional burdens, it also helps you to forgive and to love yourself.

By working on your healing journey you will be able to lift the emotional baggage that is holding you back from loving yourself, loving others and enjoying the rich life that you were meant to live. So please take a few moments to invest in your most precious gift, yourself!

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