I’m happy to say that I’ve added loads more to my Crystal Etsy shop. We added some gorgeous HUGE lemurians, a few Congo citrine specimens, lapis lazuli free forms and hearts. There are also new clear quartz pieces, amethyst, labradorite, prehnite, apatite spheres and black obsidian. And some absolute new favorites of mine are the new elestial quartz and gold sheen obsidian Ganesh talismans!

One of my favorite new pieces are the Blue Lace Agate JUMBO tumbles, this is a stone of communication. If you feel that you have difficulty being heard by others or speaking your truth, then this is the stone for you!

I’ve you’re looking for something special, like a custom order, a bulk order and can’t find something that you’re looking for please reach out and I will try to help you locate your dream specimen.

You can visit our Crystal Etsy Shop here.