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Inner Peace 5-Day Guided Journey

Welcome, dear one, to the Inner Peace 5-Day Guided Journey

November 7-11, 2016

9pm EST/6pm PDT

I stand along side you, as we take this sacred soul journey to transmute our stress to peace. Join me on this 5-day exploration of the pathways towards inner peace. Experience a heart centered connection to your inner self.


Starting on Monday, November 7th at 9pm EST we will meet via webinar for a LIVE chat + meditation!

Day 1 – Crystalline Journey – An inner journey with our Intuitively Chosen Crystal to activate our inner healing and inner peace.

Day 2 – Threefold Flame Meditation – We’ll meditate on the divine within our heart chakra. The Threefold Flame is the seed of the Inner Christ and the Inner Buddha.

Day 3 – Oracle Card Meditation – What message is the universe sending to you? Through a guided meditation we will receive further insight.

Day 4 – Loving Kindness Meditation – Also known as Metta Meditation, to help develop compassion and self-love.

Day 5  Sacred Breath – We will connect with our breath and anoint with our Essential Oil Blend. In this sacred space we honor our own sacred nature.

5-day guided meditation

Mini Kit Includes

Intuitively chosen crystal

1 mL Essential Oil Blend for inner peace

Intuitively Chosen Oracle Card



Be here now

The Art of Being Present

Be here now

Being present in everyday life is not a luxury that most of us have. We are creatures of multi-tasking, trying to get it all done by the end of the day. We walk with our smartphones in our hands, suffering from the fear of missing out. And it’s during these times that being present in our own lives is most important.

To truly be present in any moment we have to focus our attention at the task at hand. Not daydreaming of our upcoming vacation, not thinking about something that we forgot to do earlier and not wishing we were doing something else. Paying attention is an art that we seem to be losing each day.

Be Here Now ~Ram Dass

When we focus our attention, whether its reading a book, doing the dishes or painting we are meditating. Yes, that’s right, meditation. We are in the moment, not longing for the past and not yearning for the future. We are in a state of awareness that there is only this moment now. Articles have been written on Why Multitasking Does Not Work and you will probably agree that its difficult to process various streams of information effectively.

The art of being present asks us to slow down, experience joy, bless ourselves and bless others through our attention and intention. Here are a few ways that you can be present in your own life:

  1. Write a “To-Do” list and focus on getting the most important three things done on it right away. Prioritize and make an action plan. Then focus on each task individually. That means no Facebook, cell phone, radio, TV, magazine etc. Just focus on accomplishing your task to the best of your ability.
  2. Have a “hard stop” to the end of your day and stick to it. If you work day ends at 6:00pm then you should not be checking emails at 6:30pm. Unless it’s an emergency, put the work away.
  3. Take a moment to notice your surroundings. What do you see? Smell? Feel? How does your present location make you feel? Analyze that and make any appropriate changes that make you feel more comfortable and connected.
  4. Be grateful for this moment. Take a second to think about this moment and find something to appreciate in it. Appreciate the beautiful surroundings, the warmth of a cozy office, your hot cup of coffee, the funny email you just received etc. There is always something to be grateful so tap into that energy of appreciation.
  5. Smile. The physical act of smiling makes us feel better. Bring more joy into your daily life by feeling the energy of joy.

What steps have you taken to focus on the art of being present?