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Crystals for Good Luck

Crytals for prosperity

If you’d like the odds forever in your favor then you may want to choose a crystal known for luck drawing properties. There are over 4000 known minerals so as you can imagine there are many options. I’ve chosen just a few of the stones that I’ve worked with in the past that have worked for me

First I’d start with Green Aventurine, a stone known as the stone of chance. It’s said that if you carry a piece of green aventurine in your left pocket that lady luck will find it’s way to you.

Tourmalated Quartz is also said to be a stone that draws luck to its holder. It’s generally known as a highly protective stone but rubbing this beauty when you need a little bit of luck thrown your way is one of its unknown properties.

If you travel a lot then you may want to carry Turquiose as it’s a crystal that brings luck and safe travels to the carrier. This is a stone that a person must learn to attune and understand the energy of the stone. Work with this stone with great respect.

To help bring luck and manifestation to your dreams then your stone is Blue Amazonite as it is known as the “Lucky Hope Stone”. This stone will bring luck to all your hopes and dreams.

Need a bit of luck in your business dealings? Garnet is known as the stone for a successful business. Crystal lore is that if you place 3 or more garnets on your desk that your business will draw luck and prosperity to it.

Have you worked with crystals to increase your luck?

How to charge your crystals

3 Ways to Charge Your Crystals

How to charge your crystalsAlmost everyone knows that crystals need to be cleansed on occasion. BUT did you know that sometimes crystals need to be charged?

Think of crystals as a battery, pulsing with energy, bringing us into alignment through the process of entrainment. Well, just like a battery, crystalline energy can become dense and the crystal can become drained. Or at least feel like it!

So in addition to cleansing our crystals we want to charge them (otherwise known as bringing the crystal back to it DOR – Dominant Ocillary Rate). If you’ve been working with a crystal and notice that they energy feels different or you’re not receiving the same energetic benefits that you used to then your crystal MAY need to be charged. Charging a crystals the crystal’s ability to channel, focus and increase energy is restored.

  1. Full Moon Bath – The lunar energy clears crystals and recalibrates the crystals. Ancient civilizations knew and understood the power of grandmother moon. And now you can work with this same sacred energy! Simply place your crystals outdoors on the night of the full moon (as well as the night before and after). Leave your crystals in view of the moon overnight and pick them up in the morning. Be mindful if it’s raining, some crystals, like selenite do not do well in wet conditions.
  2. Solar Clearing – The energy of the sun revitalizes the energy of the crystals. However some crystals like amethyst, smokey quartz and citrine may fade in the sunlight. SO if this is your chosen method, leave the crystals out in the sun for 15-30 minutes. The summer solstice is an ideal time for charging your crystals with the energy of abundance and wealth. The spring equinox is a good time to charge your crystals for growth in all areas of your life.
  3. Sound Healing – Sound is a powerful healer and this method works safely for all stones. Crystals can be cleared with the use of a tuning fork, crystal singing bowl, tibetan singing bowl or even your voice! Place your stone near your instrument of choice and allow the sound waves to flow over your stone, gently clearing and charging it.
The season of nurturing ourselves

7 Simple Ways to Balance Stress

Balance stress with crystals

Daily stress affects everyone, from children to adults. And the results of not managing stress can lead to physical illness, like ulcers or even worse dis-ease.

It’s important to get our minds aligned WITH our bodies so that we can be balanced and whole, leading us to live a more fulfilled and happier life.

Here are seven simple ways to balance the stress in your life.

1. Breathe – When we are worried or anxious we tend to take shallow breathes, tense our bodies and have racing thoughts. By focusing on our breath we are able to ground and relax ourselves. Sit or stand and make sure that your spine is straight. Take a deep breath in through your nose slowly and out through your mouth quickly. Repeat five times. After you complete this exercise take notice of how you feel.

2. Pay attention to your body – As I mentioned when we feel overwhelmed our bodies get tense. Start by focusing your attention at your feet. Are they relaxed? If not, wiggle your toes and adjust them to a comfortable position. Then move up from there. Notice your ankles, calves and thighs. Are you muscles clenched? If so, adjust your body. Move further up your body. Are you sucking your stomach in? Breathe into that space and allow your body to relax. Keep moving up your body, noticing how each part feels and adjust from there. By paying attention to how we hold our bodies, we can bring greater ease and relaxation into our being.

3. Aromatherapy Studies suggest that aromatherapy helps to balance stress and many people specifically use Lavender Essential oil for this purpose. The section of our brains that process smell are located next to the brain’s emotional center. I usually work with grounding oils like Vetiver and Sandalwood when I want to feel calmer and Lavender when I want to relax. This has helped me tremendously especially when I have trouble sleeping.

4. Reiki – Reiki is my go to method of relieving stress. I suffered with anxiety for MANY YEARS and tried traditional forms or therapy along with several different medication. But it was Reiki that helped me to feel more balanced, calmer and relaxed. It’s by far the top energy healing method that I recommend to my clients when they are stressed. And the best part is that they can be anywhere in the world and receive reiki.  How amazing is that?!

5. Movement – Moving our bodies gets the energy flowing through our chakras. Have you ever noticed that when you are stressed you tend to sit and think about the topic of your stress over and over? Well movement helps to break you out of that cycle, bring your attention back to your body and out of your head and helps the energy move better through your chakras and meridiens.. Whether its yoga, running or simply stretching, movement allows our bodies and minds to flow with ease.

6. CrystalsCrystals may seem a little woo-woo to some people BUT they have been worked with for thousands of years in every major culture around the world. Crystals are used in our everyday technology like computers and watches because of their ability to transmute and balance energy. I love to work with my huge Azurite specimen pictured above! So if you have a crystal, spend a few moments focusing on it. Think about connecting with this “stone person”, how it feels in your hand, what messages it has to share with you. Try it! You might be surprised at how calming it feels to do this.

7. Meditation – Hands down, meditation is THE most important spiritual that EVERYONE should engage in. I meditate daily to calm my inner critic, to receive messages from my guides and to feel more inner peace. And most importantly, it works! So if you’re new to meditation, just try it for 5 minutes. Sit or lay in a comfortable position and quietly allow your thoughts to pass you by (without judging them) or focus on your breathing.

Crystal Healing

Healing is a Process

Crystal Healing

Healing takes time…it’s a deep, transformational process.

Let’s be very clear and honest with ourselves about that.

Healing is not easy, it takes the human will to WANT to change. Yes, you have to really WANT to change, because it takes courage. Healing takes participation. There are many facets to making oneself whole and healed. If you’re not ready to change then you’re not ready to heal.

We often set intentions and many times this includes a transformational healing aspect. Whether you are looking to lose weight, forgive your family or an ex lover, earn more money etc., every single one of those resolutions healing. Healing takes self-love AND the healing of false deeply held beliefs. To truly make changes in your life, you have to want them. You need to WANT to change and you must want to NOT tolerate, rest comfortably and be okay with things as they are now. You have to get comfortable in your uncomfortableness to make change. You have to be willing to feel things that you don’t enjoy in order to get to the feelings that you do enjoy. The funny thing about change is that you have to want the change MORE than you want to stay the same. And that is tough work…work that not everyone is ready for.

Often we give up on New Years Resolutions, we get so tired of sitting in our uncomfortableness and feeling what is not familiar. And when we’re uncomfortable we crave what is familiar, what soothes us for that moment whether its food, a drink, a bad habit, people who mistreat us etc. In order to make real change, it takes persistence and hard work; it’s a process and sometimes a long one.

Crystals that can help us with this process are Cavansite and Scolecite. Cavansite helps to raise our vibration and attune our body to a healing response. Scolecite instills peace and calmness aiding the immune system, nervous system and muscular system of the body.

Cavansite and scolecite

Cavansite and Scolecite

And although healing work is hard work I encourage you to never give up. Never compare your process to anyone else’s, that is their journey and not yours. Forgive yourself when you fail or when you perceive yourself as failing. Forgive yourself if you don’t reach you goal, and don’t beat yourself up for your imperfections. We are all imperfect. We are all here is this earth school to learn and to grown. Trust your journey.

DISCLAIMER: We feel that crystals can complement other therapies and support energetic well being. Crystals should not be used as a replacement for medical treatment. For medical advice, please consult a licensed healthcare specialist.


What is Crystal Healing Therapy?

What is Crystal Healing or Crystal Therapy? Crystal Healing is the ancient and sacred art of laying crystals, gemstones and minerals on the body in accordance with energy centers known as chakras. The energy delivered by the arranged crystals blends and resonates within the energy centers of the body to promote self-healing. This form of vibrational medicine allows the body to resolve energetic imbalances and to help facilitate a healing response. Crystals can absorb, amplify, transmute and balance energies in the body to assist healing on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Crystal therapy New York City.Each crystal has a unique vibrational resonance. They owe their unique qualities to their mineral content, their inherent (sacred) geometry and the color frequency they emit. That’s why crystals are used in watches, computers, machinery, laser technology etc.

Some of the earliest recorded history of crystal healing has been traced back to Ancient Egypt and references can be found in the Ebers Papyrus. India’s Ayurvedic records and traditional Chinese medicine also mention healing with the use of crystals dating back to 5000 years ago. Crystal Healing was also widely used by the Native Americans, by the Ancient Greeks, the Druids and many other cultures.

Chakra system for laying crystal healing

Crystal healing is a gentle non-invasive form of alternative healing that works holistically to harmonize the mind, body, emotions and spirit, helping to increase our feeling of well-being, neutralize negativity, lift depression and to help us to become integrated, whole beings.

What happens during a crystal healing session? A crystal healing session will begin with a brief consultation which allows me to determine which crystals would suit you best. Then, you will lie on the table, fully clothed while relaxing music is playing in the background. We will begin by sensing the energy in the chakras to determine if it’s flowing properly, then I begin placing the appropriate crystals. Throughout the session I will continue to check your breathing and how the crystals are performing, making changes as needed. At the end of the session we will discuss any imbalances, answer any questions and make recommendations.

….Vibrational healing, of which crystal healing is a form, attempts to transform human consciousness and deal with illness by working with the energetic patterns that guide the physical manifestation of life. It is based on the principle that each human being is more than the physical body that we can see and touch. The physical body itself is made of matter that is now believed to be a complex network of interwoven dynamic energy fields. This energetic network which represents the physical/cellular framework is organised and nourished by subtle energetic systems which coordinate the life force within the body. It is primarily from these subtle levels that health, and illness, originates. These unique energy systems are powerfully affected by emotions and levels of spiritual balance, as well as by nutritional and environmental factors. The practitioner will try to help the client address all the issues concerned as well as help their subtle and physical bodies to re-establish their natural balance…. ~Dr. Richard Gerber,Vibrational Medicine

Crystal healing workshops and classes are available in Manhattan and Queens, see here!

[disclaim]Please note: Information on this website is not a substitute for consulting a licensed health care professional. All information contained on this website, including information relating to medical and health conditions, products and treatments, is for informational purposes only. [/disclaim]

Crystal Healing: Moldavite

Moldavite properties

Moldavite – a stone of rapid spiritual transformation

If you’re looking for a high vibration crystal that’s a catalyst for change then Moldavite may be the stone for you; it’s known as a stone of rapid transformation. Moldavite is a tektite, meaning it’s a natural “glass” formed from meteorite impact (in the Czech Republic near the Moldau River). These rare “crystals” formed about 14.8 million years ago and they carry an ancient energy coupled with extraterrestrial energy so these are very special crystals to work with.

Some crystals have a gentle, soft energy to them but then there are stones that are considered high vibration that hold a more intense energy like Moldavite. Even those that are not sensitive to crystal energy can usually feel the vibration that moldavite holds. First time users often get whats called the “moldavite flush” which is an intense rush and warning sensation through the hands and into the body.

Moldavite is a change agent and will bring major breakthroughs into your life – so be prepared for that when you start working with this stone! This crystal is connected to the Third Eye and Heart Chakras and enhances inner journeys, and awareness of inter-dimensional or extraterrestrial energies. It is known to accelerate spiritual growth, strengthen the aura and can open the chakras to higher energetic frequencies. This is also an excellent crystal if you are seeking to develop your intuition or your psychic abilities. It’s also known to help you make contact with interdimensional beings – yes, it’s really out of this world! This stone is also useful in dream work and can facilitate astral travel and lucid dreaming. But I must warn you that this is a stone to be used in small doses. I consider myself an advanced crystal worked and when I work with this stone I have to be careful because its intense energy can give me a headache. Prolonged use can bring about dizziness, light-headedness and feeling flushed. So be sure to keep a good grounding stone nearby like black tourmaline, red jasper or smokey quartz.

Lastly since Moldavite can only come from the Czech Republic be wary of the fakes that are on the market. If the pience looks wet and shiny like melted glass then its probably fake (be careful of pieces purchased on eBay). Real moldavite is pricy and and the pieces can be farely small – don’t let the size fool you though they’re powerful pieces.

So if you’re looking to transform you life, open up to higher frequencies and begin working on your deepest inner self then buy a pieces of this fantastic stone. Be prepared to bring to the surface that which you need to recognize, integrate or release.