Crystal Healing: Selenite

Selenite healing properties

Selenite crystals are high vibration crystals, that cleanse the aura of lower energies within the physical and the etheric body. These crystals will assist with your spiritual growth while balancing the third eye chakra, the crown chakra and the soul star chakra. These crystals hold a high energetic vibration that soothes anxiety and instills deep peace.

Selenite is quite useful in gridding your home or sacred space. Place a selenite wand by each window and door to create a grid of white light protection. Meditating with Selenite is helpful as it aids in access to past along with bringing mental clarity, clearing confusion and activating the higher chakras

Selenite wands are useful for clearing the aura of attachments and repairing auric tears. Simply hold your wand at the crown chakra and begin to move the wand down the front and back of your body towards your feet. Notice how you feel as you hold the wand. Move the wand over your body and be aware of how it feels. Is the energy dense? Does the wand move through your aura easily? Continue to move towards your feet, clearing as you go along, paying attention to the areas of dense, stuck energy. Hold the intention of clearing away any negative energy and psychic debris.

How do you work with selenite wands?

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